Statement furniture has the power to define a space, add interest and draw attention to a specific area or add a splash of colour to a room. Think statement chandeliers, luxurious patterned rugs, dramatic artwork, exquisite seating and quirky accessories – sounds lush, right?!

However, when it comes to feature furniture, less is more. Sometimes one or two statement pieces are all you need to create an impact. By carefully choosing a few pieces that look amazing together, you can create bold and beautiful house interiors that reflect your personal style and taste.

At Inhouse Interior Design, interior designers in Manchester, we create gorgeous and unique interiors for our clients; one way we do this is by using feature furniture. So, in this blog we share how you can achieve this look in your home:

What’s Your Style?

Take your time when selecting your pieces. For this look, you only need a couple of statement pieces, so make sure that you absolutely love them.

Think about shapes, colours and patterns that you like and certain styles that you are drawn to, such as oriental, industrial or modern minimalist. Pieces that are evocative and have a personal appeal are ideal.

decorum furniture lamps and mirror

Choosing Complimentary Pieces

Another thing to bear in mind whilst choosing your feature furniture is whether your individual pieces look good together and compliment each other. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have to be very similar, contrasting pieces often make for bold, vivid and charismatic interiors. But, in order to ensure that your interior design doesn’t look chaotic, try to follow a toning colour palette or a specific period style.

Charlotte James Edinburgh

Spatial Awareness

Then consider the synergy between the character of your home and the look you wish to achieve. Think about the placement of furniture and how it will fit into your chosen space. For example, you could use a fabulous statement light to illuminate a particular architectural feature or choose a piece of furniture that neatly moulds to the shape of the room.

The placing of statement pieces is almost as important as choosing the pieces themselves. Ultimately, interior design is about making the most of the space, so it is vital that your chosen statement pieces compliment the room they are situated in.

statement pieces

The best way to find the perfect placement is to experiment and perhaps be a bit different….. it’s amazing how Feng Shui, for instance, can completely change the look of a room.

At Inhouse, we help clients to refine and polish their ideas into a clearly defined interior concept and then love bringing this vision to life!

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