Autumnal Inspired Interiors: Bringing Warmth & Cosiness into Your Home This Season

With the nights drawing in and the leaves falling off the trees, Autumn is well and truly upon us. At Inhouse, Autumn is one of our favourite seasons. We eagerly look forward to snuggling up by the fire with a cuppa as the evenings get colder, but we especially love the rich autumnal colours that abound at this time of year.

So, in the spirit of this wonderful season, here are our top tips for getting your home interior design ready for Autumn.

Rich colours

When you think of Autumn, you think of warm earthy colours. Autumn is all about spiced-up neutrals – rich cream, burnt orange, deep navy, chestnut red, copper and cinnamon. For this look, try to reflect these colours in your interior (xdesign) to create a cosy environment.

If you’re challenged for space, you can stick to lighter hues on the walls and floor, adding depth of colour and vibrancy in your soft furnishings and accessories. However, this year we have seen some home interiors that feature intensely dark walls in deep slate greys or teals for a show-stopping look – are you brave enough?! (If you need some tips on creating colourful interiors, read our blog.)

Soft furnishings

One way to achieve homely Autumnal interiors is to add warm colours to your soft furnishings, such as throws, rugs and curtains. Stick to a rich colour palette and feel free to combine textures and patterns for an eclectic look; this will give depth to your interiors. Velvets, silks, wools and weaves all work well together.

Perhaps add a throw to your living room sofa; comfy throws are an absolute essential on colder evenings. Rugs also make a room feel instantly more snug. Patterned rugs can be an attractive standalone feature of a room and are an easy way to introduce colour to a space. Curtains are not only a practical necessity for keeping heat in, but they can also be a striking addition to your home interior design. Sticking to earthy Autumnal colours, chose a curtain fabric in a bohemian print or luxurious velvet to create an inviting interior.

Mixing Metals

Metals were a big trend in the design world this year. So, try mixing different metal finishes, such as gold, bronze, silver and copper, for a glamorous look – the easiest way to do this is in your accessories. Metallic tones will wonderfully compliment the rich Autumnal colours in the room.

Atmospheric Lighting

Finally, you can create an inviting ambience with mood lighting. For this, lamps work best – choose a mix of styles to keep things interesting. Make sure that your ceiling lights have dimmer switches and choose warm white bulbs to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. (For more on lighting visit our blog.)

Following this advice, you can create stylish and snuggly interiors this Autumn. For more information about Inhouse Interior Design and our interior design services in Cheshire and Manchester, please give us a call on 01625 347100 or email us at

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